about jenni cabrelli

I’m Jenni, the creative nut behind Cabrelli Design. I craft for many reasons. I think there is something beautiful about being able to give a gift to someone that is made just for them, with your own two hands. I craft because it provides a great stress relief, and frees my mind. I craft because I can’t imagine ever not making. Ultimately, I craft to keep my soul happy, it was what I was born to do and I never intend to stop.

So, here’s the short version: I’m drawn to creativity in every part of my life. I have been a professional graphic designer for the last 13 years, and for as long as I can remember, I’ve always been making something. I’m a craft addict, and have tried my hand at many skills, but 4 years ago I turned to hand-painted wooden signs. Every craft fair I did I sold out and I loved to see how people were so excited to share with me pictures of my signs in their homes. Fast forward a few years, and 2 kids later, my craft fell by the way-side a little. Raising 2 little ones is not easy, they drain all your attention and leave little time for yourself at the end of a day. After my second suffered from awful colic, I struggled mentally, and needed a release. I discovered the art of hand lettering and modern calligraphy and fell in love. For me, crafting really helps my mental health, it fills me with complete happiness. I began hand lettering motivational quotes that I could relate to and later combined this with my wooden signs to create inspiring products that I can share with the world, so thank you for supporting me in my creative journey.

I love chocolate cake, my girls Sofia (3) and Helena (9 months), wandering around boutique independent shops, sewing, spending time with my amazingly supportive family and husband Tim and creating – mostly with a pencil, iPad or paint-brush, fuelled by cake. (Check out my blog and Instagram for the latest!)