Downloading and importing Digital Planners

How can I download my files?

If you have purchased your items on Etsy you can access your downloads within your Etsy account by visiting and clicking the View Your Files link to download your files. You will need to do this in a web browser, not the app.

Occasionally Etsy takes a little longer to process your order and the payment won't be confirmed, please wait for Etsy to confirm your payment before trying to download.

If you still have issues accessing your files, please contact me and I would be happy to help.

Why won't the hyperlinks in my planner work?

This is most likely because you are in editing mode rather than reading mode. Please check out our instruction guides and tutorial videos for the different apps to see how to change into reading mode.

I've downloaded my files, but how do I now import this to start using it?

The answer to this question depends on the device and app you are using. I have a range of videos showing how to import your files into my most recommended apps on both iOS and Samsung devices. However some simplified general instructions are below:

Apple Devices:

When downloading onto apple devices, your planner may open as a tab in Safari. On the bottom Menu bar, press the square with the upward arrow icon and this should give you the option to save to files, or "Open in Goodnotes". If save to files, you can then open your chosen app and manually import the file.

Android devices

Save the file to your device. You can then either open your chosen app and import the file manually or, go to your files, long press on your planner to select it. Click the 3 dots icon at the bottom and then click 'open with' and simply choose your app.

Billing and Finance

Do you provide refunds and exchanges?

Due to the nature of digital items, I do not offer refunds or exchanges. Many of my products offer a free sample to try before you buy (such as digital planners and Coral editable templates). These samples allow you to try my products risk free to ensure it is as you expect.

However, if something is not how you expected, please do reach out so I can discuss this further with you. I pride myself on my customer service, so I am always happy to discuss any issues or questions.

If you have accidentally made duplicate purchases I will of course be happy to provide refunds for the accidental additional purchase.

I accidentally purchased the same product twice, can I get a refund?

Accidents happen! And in this instance we are more than happy to refund you the additional purchase, just drop us a message on Etsy and we can get this sorted for you.

Does my purchase include any apps or do these need to be purchased separately?

No. We only sell templates and never provide access to any external app.

All of our digital planners require a PDF annotation app to be used. On iOS devices we recommend Goodnotes, Notability, Noteshelf or Noteful, and on Samsung or Android we recommend Samsung Notes, Noteshelf or Flexcil.

All of these apps do need to be purchased separately (some of these are free) and we have no affiliation with any of these apps so cannot be responsible for their function, availability or cost. Any issues with the apps need to be addressed with the app developer directly.


Which apps support hyperlinked files for digital planning?


Goodnotes is our most recommend option. This is a paid for app available through the App Store (needs to be purchased separately) but offers the best functionality in my opinion. Other apps we recommend and can confirm compatability with is Notability and Noteshelf.


For Samsung devices I highly recommend Samsung Notes. Alternatively Flexcil and Noteshelf are great alternatives on other android devices.

Please note that OneNote does not support hyperlinks.


Other apps are available but due to the amount available we are unable to confirm compatibility for any not mentioned. Please use our free samples to try in any other apps before purchasing to check they work as intended.

On Samsung devices the use of an S pen for galaxy or other stylus provides the best compatibility.

What do I need to use your digital planners?

The main thing needed for using digital planners are an electronic device. An iPad or tablet is the most flexible, but there are many apps that also work on mobile or desktop devices. Please see above for our recommend app on both iOS and Android devices.

A stylus/Apple Pencil is also highly recommended (although not always essential) for ease of digital journaling. However some apps offer the ability to use text boxes if this is not available. We recommend trying out all apps with our sample planners before purchasing.

Finally, the last thing you will need is a PDF annotation app. Please see above for our recommendations. The planners will not work without one of these, and some do have costs involved in purchasing these that are not included in the purchase of our planners so please be sure to check this.

Can I use a digital planner using a phone?

Absolutely! Whilst a phone doesn't have as large a screen size as an iPad, some people are still using phones successfully as their main device for digital planning.

You will however likely need to use text boxes to write if your phone does not support the use of a stylus, and do a lot more zooming in and out on screen, so I do highly recommend trying our samples first to check if you are happy with how it would work on a smaller screen.

Samsung phones that are compatabile with an S Pen work well with the use of Samsung notes.

I use a Samsung tablet that isn't compatible with an S pen or stylus, will this still work?

Because tablets such as the Tab A6/A7 do not have palm rejection this may cause difficulty when trying to use, however this is ultimately down to personal experience and preference. I strongly recommend to download a free sample before purchasing to see if this would work for you.

Corjl Templates

What is Corjl?

Corjl is an online design and editing platform where I have created editable templates for you to customise. Whenever you purchase an item, Corjl instantly sends you a link to access your file. You can then edit and download your templates in multiple formats and get them printed if you choose.

⚠️ The templates are for use in Corjl only, you cannot use any other tool to edit the templates.

⚠️ Please try the free demo before purchasing. You can find a link in each item description; you'll need to click on "+ Learn more about this item" to make the description visible in full length.

Corjl can be edited on mobile devices but to benefit from all features we recommend using a desktop.

⚠️ Please make sure your Etsy Email is up-to-date.

Are all your products editable?

No, only products listed with the Corjl link and logo are editable. Please note any Corjl related FAQs are solely related to these products only and not our range of planners and other printables. If you are unsure if a product is editable please contact us before purchasing and we would be happy to clarify.

Printing Related Questions

Where can I get my files printed?

We do not provide any printing services, all files are provided in a way to print yourself at home or send to a professional print shop. If you’re based in the UK and are considering a professional printer, I recommend who offer a great selection of materials for low and large quantities, available in just a few days.

Are the colors in your templates exactly the same as in the prints?

Due to the nature of Digital (RGB Colors) versus Printing (CMYK Colors), slight color variation may occur based on the calibration of your monitor. Colours can also be different dependent on the type of material you print on too. I recommend doing test prints on your chosen card stock before printing in bulk.